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hi!  we are john and trey ramirez.  we love to travel and also love to collect and gift coasters from the places we have visited.  we got the idea of making coasters while in NYC.  after buying coasters from a street vendor in all of our previous visits, this time we could not find him.  we did not know what to bring back for gifts this time.  we were disappointed.  the next time we found the vendor, but the tiles, although beautiful, did not reflect that vacation, so we thought maybe we could make some with our travel photos...and that is what we did!  we started doing this in june of 2012 and basically taught ourselves the trade.  after much trial and error, and i mean much, we have finally figured out how to transfer our favorite images to tile and have them look great!  our friends loved what we did and asked us to do the same for them.   they loved them!  since we live in one of the greatest cities in the world, we decided to capture our favorite places in austin and put them on tile for others to enjoy.  although everyone loves our austin scenes, they love their own personal scenes better.  we love to create memories in a less traditional format.  let us create some for you, or enjoy what we love about austin!


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